Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A couple of notes

1. It's probably a good thing that no one but me knows how often I want to respond to a book review (mostly on Goodreads) with "You have fundamentally misunderstood the point of this novel."

I wonder how often people want to respond to MY 1- and 2-star reviews that way. I would like to deny that I ever dislike books just because I fundamentally misunderstand them, but I assume I probably do.

2. Melissa over at Kidliterate has a great post about the word "retard" in books. You can read my comment there, but I'll repeat here: How does this get a pass from multiple readers before publication? Authors, editors: even if you don't care that this totally offends me, please understand that I automatically lose sympathy for and identification with the character when they use this word, and I also assume the character is unintelligent.

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