Sunday, June 1, 2008

Summer Project

My summer reading project is going to be reading every Newbery winner (that I haven't already read). (jeez, I'm such a child. This is only a couple of steps better than trying to spend the summer reading every book in the library, starting with A.)

That sounds great, in theory, and I originally intended to leave this entry with the final sentence "Even LINCOLN: A PHOTOBIOGRAPHY and SMOKY, THE COWHORSE." But I just looked over the list of Newbery winners and... man, are there ever a lot of books there that I have no interest in reading. With few exceptions, I think I've already read just about every Newbery book I'm interested in. So many of them are about BOYS, and ANIMALS.

But this will be good for me; and I really, really liked IT'S LIKE THIS, CAT, a Newbery winner I'd always avoided in the past.

It also means I will finally read CADDIE WOODLAWN, which I will probably enjoy.