Monday, January 18, 2010

Reactions As They Happen

6:43 Ignoring everyone on twitter except @ALAYMA for the mo--don’t want to miss anything, plus don’t want to affect my own thoughts.
6:45 Alex--have heard of more of these books this year; I wonder why?
6:47 Everyone cheers because they know what’s COMING…
6:50 Schneider, no surprises there… I read one person who detested the way Marcelo “portrayed the disability experience”, but only one. Congrats, Cheryl Klein!
6:54 CSK! I’m going to read all of these this year.
6:58 Curious how many illustrator awards have been for photography.
7:00 Isn’t that a surprise for the author award? Can’t remember hearing about that. Sounds interesting, though.
7:01 Sigh. Laurie sleeping through the YALSA awards. It’s 5:01 in Seattle AND it’s a holiday, why aren’t you AWAAAAKE?
7:02 Ooh, nonfiction author for Margaret Edwards, that should please a lot of people (I like his books too)
7:05 Flash Burnout, the one that takes place in Portland, right? Will definitely be reading.
7:08 Charles and Emma! Fascinating. Not on my Cybils shortlist. Enjoyed very much.
7:09 Printzy printzy printzy!
7:10 Charles and Emma again! A surprise, for me…
7:11 YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAH! I was fairly crazy about Going Bovine. Already mourning Lips Touch and surprised about Marcelo, BUT.
7:12 (Laurie awake, yay)
7:15 Pura Belpre--will be reading all of these, too… Return to Sender, maybe? Though I didn’t like it much.
7:16 am a big Yuyi Morales fan, but who isn’t?
7:20 Two Diego books, nice (for me, I mean)
7:20 Return to Sender, yup yup
7:26 Um, Laurie says the publisher of the Newbery book just tweeted it. What up with that?
7:26 I have A Faraway Island in my TBR…
7:27 stupid social media, ruining everything.
7:28 Moonshot, one of my favorite books of the year!
7:28 if Claudette Colvin got an honor, then…
7:34 Knowing that Laurie knows who won the Newbery is SPOILING EVERYTHING. How many people in the audience are following twitter and already know?
7:35 Last year I had read more than three picture books. But I’ve heard of some…
7:36 at least one thing isn’t a surprise… clearly a VERY popular choice! Think that was the biggest cheer of the evening.
7:39 Hmm. Have read everything but Homer P. Figg. How is it I did better this year than last year? Last year I’d read, like, 40+ possibilities… maybe everyone did better at predicting this year.


LaurieA-B said...

I was THIS close to saying something to you when the Random House tweet appeared. That's why I was saying EEEEEE!

And--however this sounds, positive, negative, whatever--I must say it. When You Reach Me is one of my favorite books, and one of the best books for children. And that would be true whether it won the Newbery Award or not. The award is just the icing on the cake. Reading When You Reach Me the second time--well, for me it's what reading is all about. Thank you, Rebecca Stead.

LaurieA-B said...

And Lips Touch is one of my favorite books of 2009. And however annoyed I sometimes get at Jonathan Hunt while reading Heavy Medal :-), I am very grateful to him for recommending Lips Touch.

Unknown said...

When I said I still thought Random House should get in trouble, Laurie said "what are you going to do, fire them?" and I said "No, there should be a strongly-worded editorial in SLJ!". That's how we do it in the children's literature world, bucko.

Tarie Sabido said...

This was funny! :o)

Yeah, Random House sucks for tweeting too early. :o(

Kathleen McDade said...

Well, Random House could be suspended for a season or banned for life, but I suppose that wouldn't go over very well.

Karen said...

I love this play by play. Nice summary of how emotional we get about these awards.

For the record, I LOVED When You Reach Me, and was so glad it won!!

I figure someone at Random House is in trouble for falling down on the job!