Monday, January 26, 2009


I have the live feed for the ALA awards open; I have the Twitter screen open just in case. I'm all ready to go to jury duty as soon as the awards are announced. But first, just in CASE the Newbery and Printz aren't things I've read, I also have the library's website open so I can be first to request the books.

I wonder how much more productive I'd be if I always got ready for the day before reading all my favorite blogs.

Do read the anticipation posts on Heavy Medal, starting here, and reading at least the two after. Sharon mentions that she's been working on the Rainbow List of the year's best LGBTQ books for kids--how crazy is it that there are enough published now to warrant a yearly list? Dude, when I was a teenager we had to be happy with reading Annie On My Mind in a seldom-visited corner of the school library.

Nina mentions in another post about the list of Notable Books. Thinking about this list is a relief to me--all those books that I really like, but don't think are good enough for the Newbery--they can still be Notable Books.

Twenty minutes! I have to confess that I'm hoping I do get on a jury; otherwise I'll have to come up with a new hobby all on my own.

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