Monday, January 26, 2009

Reactions As They Happen

6:42 I really hope this livestreaming thing is going to work.
6:43 Music from the livefeed! Possibly the jury people will appreciate it if I brush my teeth.
6:44 Oh, I liked the music. Oh, well.
6:45 Message from Twitter, nothing from livefeed.
6:46 YES! Here we go.
6:52 Haven't heard of any of the Alex Award books, but I've been busy.
6:53 Am amused at how much librarians sound like high schoolers and/or concertgoers.
6:55 Piano Starts Here for the Schneider! I've actually read that! I liked it.
6:56 Waiting For Normal for the next Schneider! What a great choice. Oh, I thought it would be because of the mother's mental illness, but it's her learning disability. I'll probably write about that in a future post.
6:57 Haven't read the Schneider teen book, but I'm feeling very successful so far.
7:00 Twitter is ahead of the conference; does the audience know? We could start hearing preliminary squeals.
7:00 CSK Honor for We Are The Ship. Yay, but WHAT is going to win?
7:01 Haven't read CSK winner for illustration, The Blacker the Berry.
7:02 Woohoo! We Are the Ship wins the author CSK. IT'S SO GOOD.
7:09 YES! A Curse Dark As Gold was my hope for the Morris award.
7:10 YAY Nation!
7:11 YAY Tender Morsels!
7:12 Have heard great things about Jellicoe Road! Altogether pleased.
7:19 I don't have much time left. Luckily, I only live six blocks from the courthouse.
7:24 Sibert honors! First one sounds good, Alice is great of course
7:25 YAYYYYY! Also, feeling smart!
7:26 I haven't heard of the LIW winner... oh, an illustrator, that's why.
7:33 Caldecott!
7:34 The House in the Night! Not my choice, but I'm very happy! Great art.
7:35 EEEEEEK I can't stand it
7:35 Underneath, YAY!
7:35 The Surrender Tree, one I haven't read!
7:36 Savvy, not my choice, but one I called!
7:36 Tupac, Congrats to Nina for calling it!
7:36 The Graveyard Book! Was eligible! YAY COMMITTEE! WE LOVE YOU!

...and I'm off to jury duty.

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